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DollarEighty helps you organically grow your Instagram audience with “real”
strategy that will increase your engagement and boost your profile.

With our premium plan, you can now go even further.

    Commenting Made Easy

    With the DollarEighty paid service, contributing your 2 cents on your 90 posts is easier than ever. With the easy-to-use interface, you can not only comment on posts without leaving the app, your past comments are stored for easy reference or retrieval.

    Composing 90 meaningful comments per day is a challenge even for the most creative of us. With this feature, you have your own growing pool of comments that can be used at a moment’s notice. This makes mastering your $1.80 strategy each day faster and more efficient.

    It works simply from the same place you compose your comments, with your most recently made comments listed below, and a search field so you can find the perfect comment with a couple of taps of the keyboard.

    Informative Analytics

    Knowing how far you’ve come and the progress you’re achieving from the hard work you’re putting in is key to sustaining any long-term strategy. This is why we have introduced Analytics to our paid version of DollarEighty.

    With the ability to track your growth and engagement day-to-day, you will develop a keen sense of what works best for you. Following the $1.80 strategy, you are investing a significant amount of your time. These Analytics help you to maximise that investment, while being a welcome reminder that your work is paying off.

    In the Analytics dashboard, you also get insight into the level of engagement your own posts are getting. This is a strong indicator of how your content is being received by your followers and your greater Instagram audience.

    These insights are what you need to ensure you are remaining relevant, and positively furthering your cause.

    Learn From History

    The DollarEighty paid service offers a complete history of the posts you have viewed and commented on within the app. Saw some content that inspired you but need to find it again? No worries. It’s all there in one handy location.

    Viewing history allows you to spot trends, get a quick overview of the content you’re engaging with across your 10 hashtags, and is a great opportunity to spot potential gaps and spark ideas for your own content.

    Enrich your future content by simply looking at the knowledge contained in the past. It is your database of inspiration. 

Affordable Monthly Pricing

The $1.80 strategy gets results.
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Monthly Plan

$15 / month

USD, Incl Taxes.

  •  Identify Target Hashtags
  •  View Daily Hashtag Posts
  •  Make Comments
  •  Save Historical Comments
  •  Full Account Management
  •  Growth Analytics
  •  24/7 Online Access 
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