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Have you heard of Gary Vee’s $1.80 Instagram growth strategy? Well, DollarEighty is a hashtag discover, ranking and commentary support platform to help you engage with your 90 posts each day in a simple and easy to use dashboard.

The $1.80 Instagram Strategy

Whenever there’s a popular platform like Instagram, there are always hundreds of ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes that promise amazing results without breaking a sweat. This strategy isn’t one of them. It originates from the top digital marketers in the game and relies on you putting in the work, which is really how the true success stories happen.

Why call it the $1.80 strategy? Well, the theory goes: if you give your 2 cents to 9 high performing posts each day for 10 different hashtags, you will massively build up your audience and your Instagram following. $0.02 x 9 x 10 = $1.80. Giving your 2 cents (your opinion) on a bunch of posts everyday is the best way to give your viewpoint, represent your presence and show your gratitude to your community.

The way to be discovered is to either put out amazing content and wait to go viral or become part of the community and grab your audience’s attention.

This strategy is not easy. You have to put in the work. But if you do, you will pick up meaningful followers every single day, rather than just a follow-for-follow audience who don’t really know you. Get exposure to your community while learning what content is doing extremely well on Instagram today. If you want to stay fresh, if you want to stay relevant, then the $1.80 strategy is for you.

How It Works

This platform makes completing the $1.80 strategy easy. Become part of the community and grab your audience’s attention.

Here is how you take control.

Register and add your 10 Hashtags

Register for free. You don’t need to connect your Instagram account and you don’t need to add a credit card. Add your 10 favorite hashtags that suit your audience. 

View the suggest daily posts

For each hashtag, DollarEighty will display 9 posts each day. That’s 90 posts in total. Come back every day to view these posts.

Comment on the Daily posts

The main concept behind this strategy is commenting with meaningful messages, on meaning posts. We’ll show you the posts so all you need to do is comment. 

Watch your Instagram grow

Whether it’s sponsorship opportunities, spreading the word, or building a strong and impressive following, you will be able to watch all your hard work pay off. 

Upgrade to stay ahead of the game

You can upgrade with DollarEighty for $15/month. This will allow you to easily make and store comments from your dashboard and track your strategy growth.

Pricing to suit your situation

We offer a free plan that allows you to identify your 90 posts each day. Our subscription plan lets your comment on these 90 posts and tracks your growth performance. 

Free Plan


No credit card required.

  •  Identify Target Hashtags
  •  View Daily Hashtag Posts
  •  Click through to posts
  •  24/7 Online Access 
  •  100% Safe & Secure
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Monthly Plan

$15 / month

USD, Incl Taxes.

  •  Identify Target Hashtags
  •  View Daily Hashtag Posts
  •  Make Comments
  •  Save Historical Comments
  •  Full Account Management
  •  Growth Analytics
  •  24/7 Online Access 
  •  100% Safe & Secure
  •  Cancel Any Time 

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