Terms and Conditions

By using Dollar Eighty you automatically agree to these Terms. Read them carefully before using Dollar Eighty. If you do not accept all terms, please refrain from using our service.



  • Dollar Eighty is a software, run through a Google Chrome extension which provides the tools for users and subscribers to authentically grow their Instagram account by interacting with other accounts in accordance with the “Dollar Eighty Strategy”. The service works by linking the user’s Instagram account, with the software, and then displays content which aligns with specified ‘Targets’ such as hashtags, locations and profiles.

Privacy Policy

Collection of Information and How it is Used

Any data that we collect, is either because Dollar Eighty requires it for functional purposes, or so that we can improve the service that we offer to you.


Personal Information 

  • Email address
  • Name 
  • Time Zone: IP address to obtain this information. 
  • Snapshot of Instagram account: followers, following, post count, information, numbers and statistics
  • We use this information to contact you and send you useful information and updates on Dollar Eighty to your email. You can unsubscribe to these promotional materials if you wish. 


Usage Data: information generated automatically by the use and operation of the Service. Including but not limited to Service features, and systems that are used and/or accessed, and system and Service performance-related data.

  • We collect this. An example would be when the User last logged in, and how many comments they made.
  • Profile Data: Instagram username and profile description, number of followers, number of following, number of posts.
  • Groups: obtains information on their last 12 posts, only if user holds a public Instagram account. 
  • This information helps to 
    • Maintain and Improve our Service 
    • Provide notification to users about changes to our Service 
    • Provide customer support 
    • To detect, fix and prevent issues that arise within our Service


Other Data 

  • Credit Card number and payment information: Stripe obtains this. 

Please refer to Stripe Terms and Conditions for further information

Terms of Use

Storage of Information 

  • Dollar Eighty does not request or store your Instagram password.
  • Dollar Eighty does not sell any information to third parties. 
  • Dollar Eighty accesses your Instagram through the Google Chrome extension software.
  • Right to Erasure – You have the right to request that Dollar Eighty erases your personal data (by deleting the account). Where the User contacts Dollar Eighty Support and requests their account to be entirely deleted, Dollar Eighty will do so. We advise users to wait for confirmation from Dollar Eighty that the account has been successfully deleted.


User’s Risk: 

  • Dollar Eighty takes no responsibility for User’s Instagram accounts being banned.
  • Dollar Eighty is a third-party application that has no affiliation with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Gary Vaynerchuk or any other partners. 
  • Users accept that they use Dollar Eighty at their own risk. 
  • Prior to subscribing, we recommend you try Dollar Eighty through a free trial. 
  • The user agrees that in purchasing and participating in this service, they clearly understand and agree to what they are purchasing. The user agrees that they will not file a dispute based on untrue or fraudulent allegations. 
  • You are responsible for maintaining the security of your account and password. Dollar Eighty cannot and will not be liable for any loss or damage from your failure to comply with this security obligation.
  • You agree that you use the Service on an ‘as is’ and ‘as available’ basis. 
  • You are responsible for all Content posted and activity that occurs under your account (even when Content is posted by others who have accounts under your account).
  • You must not use Dollar Eighty for illegal or unauthorised behaviour and purposes. You must not, in terms of the Service, breach any laws, rules and regulations set out by Dollar Eighty, or in your jurisdiction (including but not limited to copyright and trademark law). 
  • One legal entity/person may only hold one free account. 
  • Users may not and may not allow others to: (a) sell, rent, lease, license, sublicense, or assign use of Dollar Eighty to others; (b) reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, or otherwise derive the source code from Dollar Eighty; (c) alter, modify, adapt, reconfigure, or prepare derivative works of Dollar Eighty; (d) copy, extract, summarize, distribute, or otherwise use Dollar Eighty in any manner which competes with or substitutes for Dollar Eighty’s distribution of the platform to its customers; (e) use Dollar Eighty to violate the CAN-SPAM Act or the laws of any applicable jurisdiction; (f) use Dollar Eighty to abuse, defame, harass, threaten, or post illegal content; (g) use Dollar Eighty to transmit a virus, Trojan horse, worm, hack, or any harmful content; (h) use Dollar Eighty to gain unauthorized access to Dollar Eighty or any Social Media Platform; or (i) use Dollar Eighty to post content that infringes upon the copyright, trademark, trade secret, publicity rights, trademarks, or other intellectual property interests of any other person or property. User will promptly notify Dollar Eighty if User’s account has been subject to a security breach, including disclosure of your username or password, or if User has had a security breach to any of User’s integrated Social Media Platform accounts.
  • Verbal, physical, written or other abuse (including threats of abuse or retribution) of any Dollar Eighty customer, employee, member, or officer will result in immediate account termination.
  • If your bandwidth usage or load significantly exceed the average bandwidth usage (as determined solely by Dollar Eighty) of other Dollar Eighty customers, we reserve the right to immediately disable or limit your account until you can reduce your bandwidth consumption or load.
  • Dollar Eighty does not warrant that (I) the service will meet your specific requirements, (II) the service will be uninterrupted, timely, secure, or error-free, (III) the results that may be obtained from the use of the service will be accurate or reliable, (IV) the quality of any products, services, information, or other material purchased or obtained by you through the service will meet your expectations, and (V) any errors in the Service will be corrected.
  • You expressly understand and agree that Dollar Eighty shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages, including but not limited to, damages for loss of profits, goodwill, use, data or other intangible losses (even if Dollar Eighty has been advised of the possibility of such damages).
  • It is your sole responsibility to check whether the Terms have changed.


Third Party Software Interaction 

  • Dollar Eighty is in no way affiliated with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Gary Vaynerchuk, VaynerMedia or any third-party partners. 
  • It is therefore your sole responsibility to legally comply to any Rules, Regulations and Legislation that you have agreed to/ are subject to. 
  • Dollar Eighty is not responsible for User actions and their consequence. Dollar Eighty is not liable in the unlikely event your account is banned or disabled for any reason and any length of time. 
  • Dollar Eighty assumes no responsibility where other software is used in conjunction with a Dollar Eighty and Instagram account. 
  • You must not modify, adapt or hack the Service or modify another website so as to falsely imply that it is associated with the Service, Dollar Eighty, or any other Dollar Eighty service.
  • You understand that Dollar Eighty uses third party vendors and hosting partners to provide the necessary hardware, software, networking, storage, and related technology required to run the Service.



  • Subscriptions to a premium account are $15USD
  • Subscriptions may be paid via credit card, as specified in your Dollar Eighty account.  
  • Subscriptions automatically renew each month, and you agree that Dollar Eighty may process the payment method provided on the agreed renewal date. You may elect to cancel your Subscription at any time.
  • Dollar Eighty shall have the right to recover expenses including collection costs and reasonable attorney’s fees incurred in collecting overdue amounts. You agree that upon purchasing our service, that you clearly understand and agree what you are purchasing and will not file a fraudulent dispute via the payment processor. 
  • We reserve the right to modify, suspend or withdraw the whole or any part of our service or any of its content at any time without notice and without incurring any liability.
  • You must provide a valid email address and any other information requested in order to complete the signup process.
  • Your login may only be used by one person – a single login shared by multiple people is not permitted



  • Dollar Eighty in no way can guarantee any amount of growth or interaction from using the software. The expected number of followers and interaction is dependent on each account. 
  • Dollar Eighty cannot protect you from spam, fake, inactive followers. It is not possible to stop them, but you can remove unwanted followers by yourself.



  • Dollar Eighty does not offer refunds except for in some circumstances which are decided in a case by case basis by Dollar Eighty. 
  • Users may not request a refund for failing to cancel their subscription before being charged another months fee. This is the responsibility of the user. 
  • Users must be human – accounts registered by bots or other automated technology are not permitted. 
  • Dollar Eighty cannot guarantee the continuous, uninterrupted or error-free operability of the service.