How Everything Works

DollarEighty helps you organically grow your Instagram audience with a “real” strategy that will increase your engagement and boost your profile.

Register and add your 10 Hashtags

Register for free. You don’t need to connect your Instagram account and you don’t need to add a credit card. Add your 10 favorite hashtags that suit your audience. 

View the suggest daily posts

For each hashtag, DollarEighty will display 9 posts each day. That’s 90 posts in total. Come back every day to view these posts.

Comment on the Daily posts

The main concept behind this strategy is commenting with meaningful messages, on meaning posts. We’ll show you the posts so all you need to do is comment. 

Watch your Instagram grow

Whether it’s sponsorship opportunities, spreading the word, or building a strong and impressive following, you will be able to watch all your hard work pay off. 

Upgrade to stay ahead of the game

You can upgrade with DollarEighty for $15/month. This will allow you to easily make and store comments from your dashboard and track your strategy growth.

This strategy really works, so get started now!