How It Works

This platform makes completing the $1.80 strategy easy. Become part of a community and grab your audience’s attention.

Here is how you take control.

Register and add your 10 Hashtags

Register for free. You don’t need to connect your Instagram account and you don’t need to add a credit card. Add your 10 favorite hashtags that suit your audience. 

View the suggest daily posts

For each hashtag, DollarEighty will display 9 posts each day. That’s 90 posts in total. Come back every day to view these posts.

Subscribe to Comment

Connect your Instagram account and subscribe to the premium version of Dollar Eighty. This will give you additional features including commenting and commenting stats, growth analytics, hashtag post history and more. 

Daily Commenting

Achieve your daily strategy goals by commenting on the 90 posts Dollar Eighty recommends. Track your progress and feel good that you’ve put in the work to grow your audience. 

Watch your Instagram grow

If you put in the work and use the Dollar Eighty strategy each day, we guarantee you will grow your following and increase your audience reach. 

This strategy really works, so get started now!