Location Location Location

Dollar Eighty has so many features that can help you build your brand and expand your reach on Instagram, and these 3 Location tricks are something that you definitely need to check out.

So, here’s 3 ways you can use Locations with Dollar Eighty, and make sure you cover all areas – pun intended!

# Location

Nowadays everything has a hashtag, and locations are not an exception. From #London to #NewZealand, everywhere will have a hashtag on Instagram, so try adding a few local hashtags in your Target Collection, and rack up some engagement with people in your area. 

Combine your location with keywords from your niche, like #NewYorkFashion or #Londonhair, to see posts which are super specific to the community you hope to tap into. This helps you engage with likeminded people in your area – and if you’re running a business, these super-engaged locals could easily turn into customers. 

Speaking of businesses, location can be crucial if you’re a business using Instagram to not only promote your goods but also sell them. If you’re a US based small business selling handmade clothes for example, and you’re only selling domestically, then you’ll want most of your traffic to be from potential US customers. 

It’s always good to be specific, so try using hashtags that are the most fitting to your business. For instance, if you sell shoes in Chicago… try #chicagoshoes. This will help narrow down your interactions to just the people who are more likely to buy from your brand. 

By utilizing Dollar Eighty’s features and adding locations into your Hashtag Targets, you’re maximizing your engagement and visibility to potential customers, and therefore building your business! 

📍 Location 

Target Collections are your best friends when it comes to deciding where to post your 2 cents, but why stop at Hashtags? With Dollar Eighty, you’re also able to target the Locations themselves.

From countries, to towns, to your corner store, you’re able to really zoom in and engage with posts that are relevant to your location. People could geotag their posts without even using Hashtags, so all we’re trying to say here is… don’t sleep on Location Targeting!

📱 Location

Like almost everything, Location Targets are a two way street. Not only should you get into targeting Locations and localized Hashtag Targets, but you should also be hashtagging and geotagging your own content.

People are more likely to find and follow you if they can actually find and follow you… so stop hiding! If privacy and security is the only thing holding you back, just make sure you post Location-based content after you’ve left that location, and don’t tag your home or workplace etc.

So, that’s it! It may sound strange, but the best way to get huge is to target small. Make your niche targets more specific with Locations, and you’ll find more people who are ready to follow your account.

So make the most of Dollar Eighty’s Location features, and go from local to global!