Instagram for businesses: BukiBaby

When the world went into lockdown, a lot of businesses found themselves struggling due to the shift to online shopping. However, there were many people who used this as an opportunity to create their own business and flourish in the online world. We were lucky enough to speak to one business owner who did exactly that, utilizing the power of Instagram. 

Introducing Ashlee, the owner of BukiBaby, who created her own line of baby sunglasses 

During lockdown, after having a baby in March 2020, Ashlee tried and failed to find some baby sunglasses that met her simple criteria of protecting her baby’s eyes, fitting well, and of course – looking cute! It was this gap in the market that the initial idea started to form, and the research began…

“The more research I did into the effects of UV rays on eyes in early life, the more I started to wonder – why aren’t we doing more about this? This was when I started to seriously look into sourcing products and creating the business” 

With the boom in online shopping Ashlee was “inspired to go for it ASAP” So, pairing her new idea with a “fun and catchy” name, BukiBaby, a small business was created.

Instagram, a place for business… and babies! 

We’re all about Instagram at Dollar Eighty especially because of how easy it can be to grow your platform but don’t just take it from us! 

Why choose Instagram as a main platform? 

“The product is such a visual sell. Babies look freakin’ cute in sunglasses there is no doubt about that! There are some really active hubs of Mothers and small businesses on Instagram, and I love that it is a platform that puts small businesses on par with the big guys.” 

Moreover, Instagram Shop has become an amazing place for growing small businesses. As Ashlee has found – “it’s a helpful feature as it integrates directly with your Shopify store”. The ability to tag products in posts and stories sends customers to that exact product on your website without the need for them to seek it out. 

Engage, engage, engage! 

Whether it’s replying to comments or posting content to keep your followers’ attention, engagement is key to growing your brand. For BukiBaby there’s no exception.

As a social media marketer, Ashlee knows all about engagement and in the words of a professional “it is best to be authentic than contrived”. If your interactions and content sound “agency produced” or too robotic it can put followers off as there’s no one they can connect too. 

At Dollar Eighty we’re well aware of how important interacting with your followers is, and we too endorse making an extra effort to be genuine and connect with your followers to help make a lasting bond.

Putting time aside 

We all know consistency is key with social media so what’s the best way to do this? 

“For BukiBaby I take an hour or so to set up my channel posts for the coming week and then each day I make time to engage with people on the platform, collate content that customers have posted, post stories and connect with potential influencers and customers.” 

Putting time aside to organize your posts, and engaging with others on Instagram helps you to be more consistent and be seen as reliable, which are all traits we love in a business. 

World domination or small and boutique? 

Thanks to Instagram, small businesses have the chance to grow, further their customer reach, and expand their brand. You have the power to become a household name or keep yourself small and exclusive – it’s all down to you. 

So, what has BukiBaby chosen to do? 

“I am currently putting together a wholesale package, hoping to be stocked in both online boutique and physical stores. I have just expanded the range to include 2 new colour variations (total of 4), and plan to have more shapes and styles available by summer 2021.” 

BukiBaby, the baby business 

As a new business, BukiBaby has already done well in such a short space of time, and Ashlee has some great advice for those thinking of embarking on their own Instagram-based business:

1. Set your store up on Shopify – the integrations with Instagram are the best available. 

2. Use a scheduling tool to plan your feed ahead of time.

3. Constantly engage with your demographic outside of your audience – make it a daily task! 

4. Invest in paid advertising – if you don’t have the skills to execute this yourself, outsource it. Organic reach will only get you so far.

If you’re thinking of starting your own small business journey, remember – Dollar Eighty’s software is designed to help you boost your engagement and grow your platform, plus you can try it for free! So why not check it out? 

Make sure to check out @BukiBabySunglasses on Instagram to see Ashlee in action, or visit the BukiBaby website.


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