Case Study: @austnplz

Who is Austin and his Instagram account @austnplz

Austin is a gay dad, a happy husband and is desperately trying to grow a moustache… it isn’t going well. He is a a stay-at-home-dad sharing his adventures in gay parenting, fitness and making money from home.

What was your main motivation to use the Dollar Eighty software?

I love dollar eighty because it makes it so easy to connect with my community! Genuine connections are my main motivation.


How did you find completing the Dollar Eighty strategy each day?

Austin found completing the Dollar Eighty strategy super easy. He would do it all at once every night and really enjoyed the process of it all. He struggled coming up with 10 different hashtags, as being too niche, he found you get many repeated posts but going too broad and you aren’t targeting your ideal audience.

Austin would change his hashtags very often and have it set for each day of the week. He found that using profile targeting very helpful to stay connected with the top profiles in his niche.

Did you use the “Recent” or “Top” posts tab the most?

Top posts once a week. And then recent posts daily. I prefer top posts but they don’t change enough to use them everyday

@ austnplz

During the strategy Austin would post content. He felt his engagement increased by 10x. Austin increased his following by getting 20 followers per day. He found that leaving unique comments that relate to the post and convey an emotion really helped the success of the comments Austin posted.

Overall, do you find the Dollar Eighty strategy successful? How did the strategy affect your Instagram account?

Yes. 10x engagement when posting daily and commenting daily. I loved connecting to all the genuine connections I’ve made with other gay dads!

@ austnplz

Would you recommend it to others?

100% yes. I’m in the affiliate program and will be making a YouTube video about it.

@ austnplz

In your opinion, who do you think would most benefit from the Dollar Eighty strategy and why?

People looking to vastly increase engagement and prime the Instagram algorithm.

@ austnplz