Case Study: @vicctoraandersson

Who is Victor and his Instagram account @vicctoraandersson

Victors Instagram is about himself and the photos he takes. He is an amateur photographer and studies Digital Analytics Specialist which is digital marketing and analysis. In his spare time, he likes to be outside or playing handball.

What was your main motivation to use the Dollar Eighty software?

Mainly for growing followers on my main account where I share some banging photos but also learn different strategies to become better at social media. This software is really helping me in my work which I’m thankful for.


How did you find completing the Dollar Eighty strategy each day?

Victor found at the beginning challenging to find time to do it. But once we started doing it for 2 weeks, he found ways to fit it around his schedule, which was key for him.

How did you find your hashtags? Was it an easy process to come up with 10 hashtags?

For me who study SEO it was pretty easy. You take some hours and write down like 50 hashtags and then find the most relevant ones for your account.


Did you change your hashtags? If so, how often?

Not often but if there was a hashtag that didn’t work out I wrote that down and changed them


What kind of comments did you leave? Were there particular kinds of comments that bought you more engagement/success than others?

Victor made relevant comments on people’s posts that were to start up a conversation with them. He found this was a great way to comment genuinely.



Will you keep using the Dollar Eighty strategy?

Yes, every day! Both in work and on my two accounts! My second account gained 200+ followers in 2 weeks!




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