Case Study: @SpowartHolm

Mette and Mark have an Instagram account that is about Equestrian photographers in Ontario Canada. Their main motivation to use Dollar Eighty was to gain more followers. They found completing the Dollar Eighty strategy every day was easy and felt motivated to do it because the more engagement the more followers the more reach they had on their Instagram account.

Mette and Mark added Dollar Eighty to their morning routine, it was easy for them. What they liked best was being able to go through all the saved comments and just drop them onto posts that fitted best with that particular post.

Mette and Mark started with 10 simple hashtags and found so many more to use. They actually ended in changing a lot of the hashtags, because they needed more variety within their niche to be able to reach more people.

How did you find the Location Targeting? Was it helpful? Did it produce relevant posts?

Absolutely I use location targets to target people in different areas that spoke English and also related to my niche.

@ SpowartHolm

Did you use the “Recent” or “Top” posts tab the most?

Definitely the most “Recent” was helpful and I used it most often. I also used “Top” but a little bit more sparingly. I made sure to use both and I felt that was part of my strategy to keep it mixed up all the time.

@ SpowartHolm

What were your observations with your posts engagement?

My engagement is huge, lots of people watched my stories, people will go through and like a whole bunch of my images and some of them will comment back. I always use those opportunities to go back and look through their profiles to find more images to reciprocate.

@ SpowartHolm

Did you notice an increase in followers feedback and notifications?

My followers have increased about 200 a Month.

@ SpowartHolm

What kind of comments did you leave?

I have probably about 50 to 80 saved comments that I use. Comments that got me the most feedback for the ones that were genuine and authentic and most relevant to the post image and drinking Coffee helped.

@ SpowartHolm

How did you find the software itself?

The software was so easy to use and so slick I love it. My only challenge is sometimes the updates on my side sometimes need to refresh the extension and I don’t really know the exact order to make that happen. But I must say the service is absolutely exemplary when I need help. I got help right away even though this product is made in Auckland, New Zealand and I am in Canada, they have been so helpful whenever I needed to ask a question or get some help or support and I really appreciate that.

@ SpowartHolm

How did you find the software itself?

Overall they found Dollar Eighty Strategy exactly what they needed and helped them reach more people within their niche to grow the followers and grow engagement. The most eye-opening part for them of using Dollar Eighty has been the number of followers. It’s been really lovely to reach so many people and I have so many people follow.

@ SpowartHolm

Will you keep using the Dollar Eighty strategy?

I’ll keep using the Dollar Eighty strategy until we’re out of our pandemic because I’m stuck at home and I can’t create new content because we’re on lockdown so this is been an excellent strategy is to grow your followers.

@ SpowartHolm

In your opinion, who do you think would most benefit from the Dollar Eighty strategy and why?

I recommend this app to people who feel they are trying to grow their social media game on Instagram, engage with followers, trying to find new contacts.

@ SpowartHolm



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