Case Study: @kirstypoole

Who is Kirsty?

Kirsty passion is travel and social media. She loves promoting her favourite brands and has recently collaborated with, Whole Foods, Coca Cola, L’Occitane, MoonPig, BrewDog, Drink Babe and many other cool brands. She has hosted many giveaways to help promote smaller businesses from wine & organic coffee to skincare & CBD! And she loves the luxe side of life and also regularly shares helpful social media strategy tips. She has a degree in media studies and is a huge tennis fan.

Why use Dollar Eighty?

I wanted to boost my engagement and make meaningful connections with like minded accounts


How has Dollar Eighty been so far?

Kirsty loved completing the dollar eighty strategy each day. She really enjoys sitting at her laptop with a cup of coffee and going through the posts. She varies the amount of likes and comments per day to fit around her schedule and any posts she is trying to promote.

When asked about how she managed to complete the strategy each day, Kirsty explained her technique:

I usually like to sit down and get it all done in one go, but sometimes I break it up. Some in the morning and some in the evening works well for me or around the time I have just published a new post.


And how did she find those hashtags?

Yes I love doing the niche hashtags and will be adding many more soon.


Recent or Top Posts?

I prefer to use recent as it is more likely I will get noticed by the content creator. I think recent is definitely more successful.


Observations with post engagement?

When you put the time and effort in, you are rewarded.


What kind of comments did you leave? Was there any particular kinds of comments that brought you more engagement/success than others?

I have mostly been commenting in aesthetic posts – so fairly simple comments like “wow what an amazing coffee aesthetic” or “what a beautiful winter wonderland scene” or I will answer any questions that are in the captions. Some just get a reply on the post and others come over to my profile to give me a few likes and comments or a follow etc.


Customer Satisfaction with the software?

Kirsty loved how Dollar Eighty boosted her engagement and followers and that she’s made some nice connections with other accounts along the way. Kirsty liked being able to set herself targets and hold herself accountable by using Dollar Eighty. Kirsty thinks Dollar Eighty is perfect for small businesses and small or big influencers.

I am constantly recommending Dollar Eighty to friends, family and followers.