@lovemarypendleton Dollar Eighty Case Study


Who is @lovemarypendleton?

Mary Pendleton keeps herself busy as a social media manager, course creator, and full-time mother of three. The majority of her work comes from Instagram, making her the perfect candidate for our 7-Day Dollar.Eighty challenge.

As we have discovered, Mary is a bubbly, all-round positive person. Instagram tips, positive affirmations, quotes, photos of Mary and her family, crafts and much more make up her presence on Instagram.

Predominantly managing Instagram accounts, but also dabbling in Pinterest means she has a comprehensive idea of how to grow, interact and build communities for her clients across different platforms, describing herself as a “chill champion who loves to help others find relief in there business too”.


How did @lovemarypendleton find the challenge?

Incentive to accept our challenge came from the opportunity to grow on Instagram and find new clients to manage.

A lot of positive feedback was received from Mary. She provided us with high praise saying, “I loved how easy it was”, and how she “could never have done it on Instagram”. The comment tracker feature was vital in her success, providing encouragement and a challenge to get to 90 comments. One night it motivated her so much she flew through 45 comments in 45 minutes. If not for Dollar.Eighty she believed she would have got distracted and quit much earlier.

A feature of our software is to display previously written comments. Mary initially began doing this, ‘recycling’ comments. However, better results ensued from custom comments to each post; genuine interest = genuine replies!

When we say ‘recycled’ comments what do we mean? On the software, it stores comments you have previously written. This feature means you can draw from previous comments, reuse them, or join two together depending on how relatable they are to the current post.

Recent vs Top posts

In terms of ‘Top’ and ‘Recent’ posts, Mary used ‘Recent’ more. The reasoning behind this was it felt more natural to comment on, noticing the ‘Top’ posts were quickly outdated due to her refined niche. A successful technique she discovered was to leave an easy to respond comment, alongside a compliment or some type of positive affirmation.



The hashtag feature means that you have 10 hashtags live at one time. Pair this with the paying subscription which allows you to add locations. Due to Mary’s refined niche, she found finding more than 5 hashtags hard, but quickly discovered adding a slight variation to each hashtag opened up a whole new stream of posts.

Mary’s Figures

Followers Gained
More Profile Visits
Post Reach
Post Impressions

I gained new followers that are ideal customers – that is the real gift of Dollar.Eighty

So, what were the results?

A number of things increased for Mary. Her story views, post reach, and followers. The high level of interaction she maintained meant she was able to find and get in touch with others, having conversations with potential customers and gaining a lot more visibility. Mary believes, due to her loyal and consistent commenting, the algorithm rewarded her by exposing her content to more Dollar.Eighty users within her niche.

Mary informed us she will continue using Dollar.Eighty and share it with others. It helped her business stating, “I gained new followers that are ideal customers – that is the real gift of Dollar.Eighty”.