How to get the most out of Instagram commenting?

Instagram is placing greater emphasis on commenting. It is steadily used more and more by companies, brands, and influencers to build the following they desire. 

So, how do you get the most out of commenting?


1. Don’t be Spam

Spam comments are those that are unmeaningful, bland and draw no unique engagement from the user. Instagram is riddled with spam accounts. Meaning, if your comment looks to be spam, chances are you’ll be treated like it. You won’t get a reply, and or, it will be deleted. This does not just relate to commenting, but also to direct messaging.


2. Be Engaging

You should be asking questions, drawing on things from the photo or caption. This can be achieved through mentioning an activity they are doing, asking where they are, what their favourite thing about that place is, where a piece of clothing is from, which of the tips they have posted is the most important, what book out of those recommended you should start with. There are so many ways to engage with content no matter what hashtags you are choosing from. 

Find something in the image that you can engage with. If there is no question to ask, provide them with a compliment or positive affirmation. Leaving a meaningless comment such as “great picture”, more often than will not lead to a reply. 

If you run out of engaging comments for a hashtag, easy, change the hashtag. This also helps curb the issue of repetitive commenting each day which can make the process dull.



3. Be Approachable

People are more likely to interact with you if they know you are a real person rather than an automated response. The more accessible and personable you are, the better the response you will receive.


4. Recognise the importance of commenting

As Facebook is taking a knock, Instagram is on the rise.

As more and more people are labelling Instagram their main social media platform, the importance of commenting is heightened. 

As likes are being removed, explained by Instagram Head Adam Mosseri, to improve people’s mental health, people now need to comment to get users attention. 

Commenting is important!


New Commenting Feature – ‘Restricted Accounts’

The latest feature added around commenting is the ‘restricted accounts’ feature, added in July 2019 for public testing. Instagram describes it as a way to “protect yourself from unwanted interactions without having to block or unfollow people you know”. The purpose of introducing this feature is to combat online bullying and “unwanted interactions”. 

It acts in 3 ways: 

  1. Only you and that person can see their comments on your posts
  2. Doesn’t notify them they are in your restricted account
  3. They aren’t able to tell when you are online or when you have read their messages  

With changes like these, Instagram can be seen as investing more time into the commenting feature, emphasising its growing significance on the platform.