@hellorigby Dollar Eighty Case Study

Who is @hellorigby?

@hellorigby’s entrance into the Instagram world came shortly after launching a blog nearly 6 years ago. Since then building up a following of over 25,000.

But, who is @hellorigby?

Otherwise known as Jenn Haskins, Jenn is a Seattle based fashion and lifestyle blogger. With the idea to join Instagram comes the need for an Instagram handle. This was inspired by her Shiba Inu, Rigby (you can spot him smiling in many of her Instagram posts). Aside from Rigby, Jenn’s Instagram is a compilation of fun, colourful outfits with a sneak peek into her day-to-day life.


How did @hellorigby find the challenge?

Instagram’s rapid and constant growth can make it hard to stay visible and engaged on the platform. This is where Jenn’s motivation to take part in the 7-Day Challenge came from. Jenn said her excitement and motivation to continue using the software came from seeing her “profile view increase rapidly”. Keeping an eye on ‘My Engagement’ meant Jenn could easily track progress.

Jenn spoke positively of her 7-Day challenge experience, noting she was “surprised how much engagement she received back”. In this time, all aspects of her post engagement increased, specifically likes and comments. When writing her comments, she tried to do 30 every morning and the remainder at night-time. Splitting it up like this can be beneficial as it targets over different time periods.

Initially she said it took her a little longer than expected to complete the comments as she “tried to leave thoughtful comments only on posts [she] was actually interested in”. However, findings Jenn observed, line up with those we have identified. Longer comments with a personal touch receive a better response, leading to greater engagement on your account. This can be due to the fact it provides people with more to interact with and respond to.


We love hearing about people’s experiences when using the software. Those that have completed the challenge thus far have had varying target audiences. Jenn was targeting fashion and lifestyle. She discovered in her chosen niche (fashion); numerous hashtags included spam content. This drew her to the realisation to take a more selective stance on hashtags she chose as those with less spam lead to greater engagement. Subsequently,
upon conducting some research, Jenn was able narrow down fashion hashtags to those which more accurately suited her audience.

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So, what were the results?

@hellorigby’s statistics revealed great success. In her opinion, other bloggers who struggle with growth and engagement would greatly benefit from using our software.

Jenn has informed us she will continue to use ‘Dollar Eighty’ everyday, as overall, she “liked the software”. This was followed by a 5/5 rating and the assurance that she would “definitely be recommending it to others”.