@geraldinesmmva Dollar Eighty Case Study

Who is @geraldinesmmva?

Geraldine Clemente advertises herself as a social media manager and IG feed stylist. Her IG is where she expresses herself, posting anything and everything work related in the hope of inspiring her peers. This includes an array of tips, tutorials, quotes, behind the scenes insights that show her easy-going, social personality, and much more that has relevance to her following.

Geraldine is always looking for new clients, with her current clients describing her as “professional, timely, communicating clearly … I cannot recommend her enough”.


How did @geraldinesmmva find the challenge?

As time goes on, Geraldine is making great progress in growing her Instagram engagement and following. She gained new followers and saw more comments being left on her posts. Part of this can be attributed to taking part in our ‘Dollar Eighty 7-Day Challenge’. By keeping an eye on the “my followers” and “my engagement” software features she could accurately track this. This was an area she had found challenging in the past few months, so we are glad that ‘Dollar Eighty’ was able to lead a helping hand.

The reason behind her decision to take part in our challenge was the hope of increasing her post engagement. Nowadays many people focus on their following, rather than other factors such as engagement, reach and so on, which can be just as important, especially for business accounts.

What stood out to Geraldine while she continued to post during the challenge was that content also plays a large role – the content that presents itself like spam doesn’t receive the same response as real life, authentic content. For the first few days of the challenge she commented on a range of content over the 10 hashtags, quickly discovering this herself, through tracking her engagement.

Not long into the challenge more and more new people began commenting on her posts. This resulted from Geraldine leaving her ‘2 cents’. Some comments she made were general, some more personal, some commented on the photo itself. But as expected, the more personalised comments worked best.

As with most people, she struggled to come up with hashtags so defaulted to choosing the top 10 hashtags she felt were related to her brand. This is great to see as identifying your niche is a huge part of growing your business, personal brand etc on Instagram.

Variety. Variety is something Geraldine identified that ‘Dollar Eighty’ provides. You are exposed to new Instagram accounts and ways of using Instagram you may not have considered before. Each day you are given new posts (depending on your chosen hashtags) that can show you a fresh new perspective.

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