Why we built the Dollar Eighty Software

Obviously, we’re massive fans of Gary Vee and his $1.80 Instagram growth strategy. When we first heard of this concept, we went all in! We first started testing the $1.80 strategy out with a handful of our own and client accounts.

 Lo and behold, it was like rocket fuel for those profiles! So much so that we ended up making an excel spreadsheet to keep track of the number of comments we were making each day and what hashtags seemed to be getting the best engagement.

 After a month or so, we tried to find some sort of software that would help us manage our strategy activity. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find anything but fortunately for us we knew there was a need for it.


That real lightbulb moment was when we discovered we could buy the URL www.dollareighty.com.


We started off nice and simple. The very first iteration we built didn’t even have a login. It was just a page where you could enter your 10 Hashtags and then the corresponding posts would appear on the next.  Starting simple at first was crucial to our success!



After we had a thousand users, we knew we had something special on our hands.

We continued to develop the platform over time, adding only the critical features that would make is faster and easier to complete the $1.80 strategy.

 It’s actually not an easy strategy to complete. It takes time, patience and perseverance. You really have to ask yourself, ‘do I really want to grow my Instagram profile’? If the answer is yes, then this is a relatively easy concept to grasp and it pays dividends in the bucket load.



When you do complete all 90 comments in one day, there is an enormous sense of achievement and weirdly, relief.

Instagram is endless. It can be massively overwhelming trying to grow your audience. At times it can make you feel anxious and down, if you’re not getting the results you really want.

The $1.80 strategy helps you break down this mental barrier and turns your growth into more like a fun game. Think of it like homework. If you do your homework each day, you can sleep easy knowing that you’ve done everything you can that day to get you to the next level.

That’s why we built the Dollar.Eighty Software. We wanted people to feel as confident as we do about growing their Instagram audience.