Winning by Affiliation

Calling all influencers, social media coaches, and people with a passion for social media. If you love the way Dollar Eighty grows your platform, you want to share the love with others, and you wouldn’t mind making a little passive income on the side… then the Affiliate Program may be just the thing for you.


What is it? 

Becoming an affiliate means getting paid monthly for introducing people to Dollar Eighty… yes, it is that simple!

Just for referring people to Dollar Eighty, you will receive a third of the monthly revenue generated through your unique link. You’ll get this on the first day of every month, for as long as your users stay with us… now that sounds like a good deal! 


What do I have to do? 

If you’re enjoying Dollar Eighty, and rave about it to your friends and followers, then you’re already ahead of the game. All that changes is that you’ll earn an income from sharing your thoughts, and how you’ve grown on social media using our software. 

At Dollar Eighty we’ve made it easy for you to become an affiliate, and we’ve even got some handy tips and useful content to make earning your money simpler. 


Images and graphics 

To make things even easier on our affiliates, we’ve made some resources just for you. Download branded graphics, images, badges and more, to spread the good word about Dollar Eighty… and look great doing it.

Expand your reach 

Although Dollar Eighty is primarily to help you grow on Instagram, don’t let that stop you from raving about us on other platforms. Why not make a TikTok and show your followers how you use the software and what you love about it? Sometimes seeing is believing. 


Share your experience 

Talking about your own experience with Dollar Eighty’s software can be a great starting point for creating content, this will generate interest and get your followers engaged. Also, try to make yourself available and reply to any questions you get, as they may come from potential future users. 


Track your results 

Use your own personal dashboard to keep track of your clicks, sign-ups, and conversions. From this, you can determine if you need to alter your strategy, or if you’re happy with your current progress. 

We have all this information and more on the Affiliate Hub, along with the downloadable media packs.


So, if you’re a fan of Dollar Eighty, and you have an audience you think would love it too, you could be missing out on all that passive income every single day you delay!



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