Facing the FAQs

Everyday we get a lot of questions about us, what we do, and how we can help. We get it, we’re pretty unique, so to make life a little easier we’ve put them all in this blog to satisfy your curiosity and explain why Dollar Eighty is the software for you.

Why should I use Dollar Eighty?

If you’ve been wanting to take your Instagram journey a little bit more seriously, further your reach, increase your following and exposure all organically, then Dollar Eighty is the way to go.

Our software can help you utilize the Dollar Eighty strategy, formulated by world-leading marketer Gary Vaynerchuk, and make expanding your platform a piece of cake. We believe that engagement is the best way to build on your brand and get your name out there. 

What is it? 

Our one-of-a-kind software allows you to implement the Dollar Eighty strategy in a super-easy way. Leaving your 2 cents (opinion) on 9 posts over 10 hashtags can be a really tall order, so we make it simpler, faster, and more fun.

You can track your progress in real time, like how many comments you’ve, via the progress bar which takes all the hard work out of following the strategy on your own.

You can also organize, add and use targets easily with Target Collections. Target not only Hashtags, but also Locations and Profiles in multiple ways to further your reach and maximize your ability to grow and expand your brand.

Can I connect to more than one IG account?

Of course! No need to create a new Dollar Eighty account, simply connect multiple IGs and customize your collections depending on each IG account’s niche. 

Really, it increases my engagement? 

It definitely can, as long as you use it to its fullest capabilities. Consistently hitting 90 comments a day will find your engagement increase exponentially.

You essentially have new 90 opportunities for people to see, engage, and even follow you every single day. And remember, Instagram loves engagement and will always reward users who really make an effort to put the social in social media. 

Can’t I just do this on IG?

Sure you can, but trust us when we say that Dollar Eighty can make your life so much easier. Through our own experiments we’ve found you can save over an hour of your time completing the method whilst using our software. 

You can read about it all in our last blog 90 Comment Challenge – Dollar Eighty vs Instagram where we asked a third party to try writing their 90 comments with and without the software to test whether we actually know what we’re talking about – turns out we do!

Can I add more than 10 hashtags? 

In short, yes!

Whilst each Target Collection can only hold 10 hashtags, you don’t have to stick to just one Target Collection. Maybe your hashtags are getting a little stale and you want something fresh, or you want to be super relevant for each season or holiday, you can always create another Target Collection and customize it to best fit you. 

Is this good for someone who manages loads of accounts? 

For those of you who are on Instagram 24/7 managing different accounts all at once, Dollar Eighty can be a lifesaver.

Managing more than one account means that you’ve got a lot of hashtags to remember and rotate through. With Dollar Eighty, you can do it all from one place, just switch accounts on Instagram and get right back into it.

Can I use Dollar Eighty whilst on Instagram? 

If you prefer the look and feel of Instagram, and can’t ever imagine using it in a different format, then Dollar Eighty has you covered. Our Instagram widget allows you to access the benefits of Dollar Eighty software without ever leaving Instagram.

From the widget you can access your Target Collections easily and in one click it will take you to one of your chosen hashtags, reducing the time spent writing and even remembering individual hashtags. We even present your recent comments for reuse, just like on the platform.

Do you keep my comments? 

One great feature of Dollar Eighty is we’re like a memory bank. We keep the recent comments you’ve composed so they’re always at your fingertips, whether you need some inspiration or you’re stuck and want to let the past-you do all the work. 

Your previous comments will always be available, but make sure you don’t use the same one too many times or Instagram will probably think you’re a bot! Dollar Eighty will let you know if your comment is being overused by fading the color until it turns grey, but you shouldn’t be going grey very often if you’re leaving genuine engagement.

Is there a way to see how much I’m growing? 

Totally, and it’s super easy! Just click on the Activity tab and see all of your stats on one page. Whether you want to know how many followers you’ve gained or want to check how many comments you managed to make that week, this is always available to you. 

You can also compare your growth and engagement using ‘The Numbers’ graph, take note of the achievements you’ve made and are yet to make, get the latest news, and check out which targets are doing well for you.

Dollar Eighty is always happy to answer your questions about our software, and help you with growing your account. Make sure to keep up with our blogs and socials so you can get the latest information and updates from Dollar Eighty, as well as tips and tricks to grow on Instagram.

If you still have unanswered questions, we’ve got you. Check out our Ultimate Guide for general info, Support for technical help, and our video tutorials for easy to follow, visual guidance.