Case Study: @littleliteracylovers

Introducing Angela, she is a book loving mama who shares great ways to connect with your family, laugh at yourself and with your kids, and to give grace all around. She is a #booksellerofinstagram, who’s obsessed with helping you help your kiddos fall in love with reading and to enjoy books as much as she does!

Her main motivation for using the Dollar Eighty Software was to help herself be more consistent with her Instagram and connect to people she may not have found otherwise. Angela loved completing the strategy each day, she highlights that the platform made it super easy to engage. Her biggest challenge so far has been Instagram telling her to slow down, as she gets so excited to connect with new people!

How did you complete the strategy each day?

I like to do my first “group” in the morning after my coffee but before I jump into anything else, another set with lunch, one while my daughter naps and my last set after kiddos go to sleep!


How did you find your hashtags?

I’m still changing up my hashtags to find exactly what works for me, but the first few were easy! I looked for the ones that were going to help lead me to “my people” that are part of the tribe of mamas I want to encourage and be a part of!


Angela found that using the profiling targeting helped her find like-minded mamas to connect with. She also found using recent posts the most useful for her account, as they helped her engage with people online NOW, before her comment could get buried or ignored. Angela found that she received tons more engagement since using Dollar Eighty, it increased her following too!

What kind of comments did you leave? Did some have more success than others?

I like to ask questions to engage in conversation and not just a “hey look at me!” passive comment as often as I can.


How did you find the software itself?

I love utilizing this on chrome! I want an app I can utilize on my phone too!! I’m on IG a lot while I nurse my daughter or rock her to sleep, so I’d love to be able to work the strategy without having to type one handed 😛


What information did you look at the most on the Activity page? 

I love seeing when I’ve been consistent and who my new followers are. The history helped as well when I wanted to go back to a post I enjoyed!


In your opinion, who do you think would most benefit from the Dollar Eighty strategy and why?

People working on consistency and outreach that aren’t sure where to start! You guys make it so easy!




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