Case Study: @learn.with_ritu

Ritu is one of our dedicated Dollar Eighty users. Let’s find out what her account, learn.with_ritu is all about, and why she uses Dollar Eighty to help grow it.

We asked Ritu why she started this account and why we should follow it. She told us that she wanted to make people aware of, and also teach them about social media marketing at low cost for all learners!

Ritu found out about Dollar Eighty on Instagram and really liked the software we created. She even made us blush, saying: “You can say that I was the happiest person on earth when I saw this software through which I can save a hell of a lot of time, and invest that time in some productive way to bring out the best in me”.

What a compliment, thanks Ritu! 

Targets are the backbone of any strategy. How do you come up with yours, and what tips would you give others?

Targeting is really important. Before targeting or choosing the correct hashtag, account or even the location, a deep research is required in it, and Instagram itself is the best thing for that.

Observe the targets that you are planning to target for a few days and then finalise whether to target that particular account or hashtag or even a location. This is because I have seen many times that the hashtag is relevant to my niche, but the posts that are coming up with that hashtag don’t go with my page.


How many targets do you use?

I have multiple targets.

When it comes to Hashtags, I have 3 categories: The broad ones, hashtags with less posts, and the ones which are related to my niche.

Same with the profiles, I have 3 categories for that: One is for those accounts that have 100k+ followers or are verified, second for those who have 30-100k, and the last are at my stage, having just started a few months back.

PS – All of these hashtags and accounts are those which are related to my business.


Are you a ‘Top Posts’ or a ‘Recent Posts’ kind of person?

Actually I use both, but I usually target the recent post more because the person who has posted recently would be active on Instagram and will definitely read your comment and notice your account. This is helpful just after you have done a new post as it increases the reach of your post.


Some examples of the kind of helpful content you’ll find on Ritu’s page:

We get it, people can find the strategy a little daunting, so we asked Ritu what her secret is to leaving 90 genuine comments a day. She told us authenticity is key, it can’t just be “nice” or “good work”, you need to appreciate the effort of the person who created the post. So let’s all follow Ritu’s advice in taking the time to make a genuine comment. 

Her favourite part of the platform is seeing the progress bar hitting 90 comments, meaning she’s done for the day and can now sit back and reap all the benefits of her hard work. We’re right there with you Ritu, isn’t it a great feeling!

Impressively, Ritu grew from just 200 to 1,500 super engaged followers in only 3 weeks using Dollar Eighty. Wow, nice job Ritu!

Ritu is an absolute rockstar, completing the strategy every single day, and having fun while doing it.

Check her out to get helpful tips and tricks on social media marketing. And if you haven’t yet, join her on the journey to more engaged followers by downloading Dollar Eighty today.