Case Study: @itsmetzigi

Who is Tzigi?

Tzigi is a cat… more specifically, a Mainecoon cat. His ‘hooman’ Efrat has a passion for photography, so together they started the @itsmetzigi profile on Instagram to share their purrfect shots and good vibes with the world. When you have a cat as cute and photogenic as Tzigi, we don’t blame them!

Why use Dollar Eighty?

Lately I noticed an engagement drop due to all of Instagram’s changes. I wanted to find a better and more efficient way for me to engage with other accounts.


How has Dollar Eighty been so far?

Efrat found that Dollar Eighty is definitely helping to create meaningful and genuine engagement. She recognises that sometimes it can be “hard to hit the goal everyday” but that it helped her to find the best hashtags to engage with to ensure she accurately targeted her niche market.

When asked about how she managed to complete the strategy each day, Efrat explained her technique:

Mostly creating a set of comments that would fit my target audience, make different types of comments for different images, and find the best hashtags to target.


And how did she find those hashtags?

Most of the hashtags I use myself for my posts, so I know they are relevant. But I did try to expand by using location tags and more general hashtags.

I tried to leave longer and complimentary comments on posts I liked, I try to think of comments that will stand out.


Recent or Top Posts?

I use the top tab, and once I go through all of those I switch to recent. The recent one is easier to find many relevant posts to complete the daily goal, but in recent the quality of posts are often low, so it takes skipping on many posts.


Observations with post engagement?

I definitely noticed comments from accounts that I engaged with through the app, which is a big motivation.

Increase in likes, DMs, comments. As well as new followers.


Customer Satisfaction with the software?

Efrat loved hearing all of the nice comments coming from people she’d engaged with through Dollar Eighty.

It’s no magic wand, but it does work if you are willing to put in time and thought.

People who care about their engagement and having quality engagement will benefit. For people who spend time on IG going on hashtags and other people’s followers and leave comments, this simplifies all of that and makes it easier and faster.




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