@thejeremymura Dollar Eighty Case Study

Who is @thejeremymura?

To sum up Jeremy, he is a brand designer with an Instagram aimed at graphic design. However, he is a man of many talents. He has Skill Share classes where he shares his knowledge in an easy and educational manner. His design tips in his Instagram highlights allow a personal connection, and his products demonstrate his attention to detail.


How did @thejeremymura find the challenge?

In the 7 Days that Jeremy used the Dollar Eighty software he was:

  1. Successful in growing his Instagram
  2. His engagement went up – people reciprocated engagement in the form of likes and comments in response to the comments he would make
  3. Found it a quicker way to engage
  4. Progress, new faces and new people

The purpose behind taking part was his desire to try out something new and grow in a number of ways, along with finding a way “to help people master their craft and improve their design business”.

The software appealed to Jeremy as he liked the way it worked into his work schedule – he was able to complete the comments in free time. The UI (user interface) he stated was “pretty clean navigation, simple, and easy to use” which helped with efficiency.

People range in how they complete their 90 comments each day. Jeremy’s chosen method was completing them in his spare time between projects in one sitting (this was made possible by our “queue” feature). When completing his comments, he would style them as feedback, positive messages and simple encouragement. The posts he chose to comment on were those under the “Recent” setting due to their current time status.

In terms of hashtags, Jeremy used them in the way we recommend. He changed them frequently (4 times in a week), and selected them based on hashtags he already knew, and on the different industries he was targeting. By utilising them in this was you are able to refine you niche down to a specific group of people that relate and find your content interesting.

“…the strategy helped my account grow more followers and build more brand awareness about me.”

Followers Gained
More Profile Visits
Post Reach
Post Impressions

So, what were the results?

Jeremy showed very promising results which encouraged him to keep using the software as much as possible.

Gained Followers = 700
Profile visits = 80
Post Reach = 5,000
Post Impressions = 7,000

Jeremy also informed us he would recommend it to others to “help grow, build your brand, and connect with others in a relationship that wouldn’t normally be in your community”, identifying those who would benefit the most Instagram newbies trying to promote their businesses. This was because it opens up another door to find and talk to people around the world, who may be at a similar stage in their business.

Overall Jeremy rated the software a solid 4/5.