@steveraboin Dollar Eighty Case Study

Steve is a man of many talents. Whilst maintaining a strong presence on Instagram, he is also the founder of Raboin Design Co, and has a family. RDC is a successful logo, packaging and brand strategy company. In their words “RDC is a nimble, boutique design shop passionate about branding”. They have strategised and designed for an expansive range of industries, from craft beer to healthcare, with many big clients to prove it.

When viewing Steve’s Instagram, you will spot many RDC creations. It is all very popular, with high engagement, gaining between 20-100 comments, and 300 – 1,000 likes per post. This is not surprising considering he has a following of over 39,000 users. This grew by a further 416 users at the conclusion of his 7-Day Challenge.

Steve showcases his work on Instagram to his large audience. His designs come from his personal expertise in logo and identity design, along with brand strategy. Sharing his knowledge and overseeing design process and all other things RDC means companies get the most out of their products and services.

Be sure to check out Steve on Instagram @steveraboin and on his website https://raboindesign.co/ to learn more.