@thenomadclub Dollar Eighty Case Study

Who is @thenomadclub?

If you have a passion for travel (or not), @thenomadclub with her smiling face and glamorous lifestyle is someone you want to be following. The face behind @thenomadclub is Instagram influencer Triana Gamarra. Triana has a solid following on her Instagram platform that she takes with her on her endless adventures. She uses this platform to document picturesque, aesthetically pleasing content of Europe, paired with tips, tricks and stories to match. This travel journal styled Instagram leaves any person creating a travel ‘to do’ list with all Triana’s locations at the top, upon visiting her account. She knows how to instil a travel bug into even the most content of us.

Those lucky enough to have found Triana on Instagram seem to be loyal followers who enjoy engaging with her content.


How did @thenomadclub find the Challenge?

Triana’s motivation behind using our Dollar.Eighty software was principally to raise engagement. Describing her experience, she identified her first few days of the 7-day challenge as “great”. In these initial few days she experienced maximum engagement. This timing saw her complete all 90 comments in the morning period.

Following these initial days, her commenting time shifted from morning, to throughout the day, resulting in a slight decrease of engagement.

Even though @thenomadclub continued posting content while completing our challenge there is a reason for this decrease.  The decrease discovered can likely be attributed to her two posts in the first 2 days and her follower’s activity, peaking in the morning. Most of us are guilty of waking up in the morning and reaching straight for our phones, as the need to update our ever-curious minds on the social media happenings whilst we have been dozing off occurs. 

@thenomadsclub’s Experience

Triana was quick to inform us that she “tried to be herself” and was authentic in her comments. Already being knowledgeable on Gary Vee and his $1.80 strategy, she said the software was an “interesting” way to apply it, finding it “easy to use”. She reviewed it as a “great tool overall” and informed us she will recommend it to others.
The response we got on her experience with the software was “it takes a lot of work to engage”, BUT with the help of our tool it was made significantly easier, as she could reduce the timeliness it would normally take.


Hashtags Relevance

The Dollar.Eighty strategy is based solely around finding hashtags. Triana found finding new hashtags easy as this was already part of her usual course of Instagramming – she looked for them anyway.

Today’s social media world is constantly changing and evolving at a rapid pace. This creates a need to update hashtags frequently to stay up to date with current trends. One feature we have available for those paying subscribers is the ‘Location’ feature. This allows users to put in locations as well as hashtags to optimise findings for their specific niche.

Followers Gained
More Profile Visits
Post Reach
Post Impressions

Easy to use … Great tool overall.

So what were the results?

Numbers don’t lie.

@thenomadclub statistics boasted an increase of 130 followers, 182 profile visits, a post reach of 5,975, and post impressions of 19851. We were so glad to have been able to help others find this Instagram so they can follow along on her adventures!

Upon completing the challenge, Triana informed us she will continue to use the software. Triana stated she believed “small businesses that need to… build a community” would gain the most benefit from this software, and we couldn’t agree more. It provides support to a range of people, one of those being small businesses.

Overall Triana rated Dollar.Eighty‘s paid subscription a “4/5”.