@itslevithefrenchie Dollar Eighty Case Study

Who is @itslevithefrenchie

Levi is a one and a half year old black/brindle French Bulldog from Auckland, New Zealand. This little pint size, muscle bound Frenchie has become a bit of a celebrity around his neighbourhood. He’s packed with attitude and personality. He does some part time modelling and comes into his owners office during the working week. What’s his favourite thing in the world…? Bum scratches!


Why did @itslevithefrenchie want to do the Dollar.Eighty 2-week challenge?

Levi is an absolute natural in front of the camera, so his owner Eloise really wanted to take advantage of this and grow his Instagram following. Eloise had a lot of content of Levi so she wanted a strategy she could leverage this from. When searching for ‘ways to grow your Instagram following’ she stumbled across Gary Vee and this software. She thought that this $1.80 strategy would be perfect because it was an “authentic way to build Levis account while also gaining a community and putting out some positivity.” Dollar.Eighty ticked all of these boxes for Eloise and she really enjoyed commenting on Levi’s behalf

After subscribing with Dollar.Eighty Eloise took up a 2-week challenge to comment on 90 posts each day for 14-days.

How did Eloise and Levi find the challenge?

“Making 90-comments each day seemed a little daunting at first. By day two, I realised I needed to make the strategy fit into my schedule instead of it becoming a chore at the end of the day. I really wanted to make this work so I decided to break up my 90-comments into 3 blocks of 30 which took me about 20-minutes each block. Within each block, I would comment on 3 posts per hashtag and turned it into a bit of a game. I found that by breaking it up into small bite sizes pieces, it was an easy way for me to mentally complete each day.”

“There were times I struggled to connect with the content on certain hashtags. I found that I would change about half the hashtags every 3-days to freshen up my daily posts page and be inspired by new content.”

“Coming up with comments got a lot easier as I progressed through the week. I tried to make each comment as meaningful as possible to get as much engaging back that I could. Some types of comments had a higher success rate than others. The successful comments were the ones where I would relate it to Levi and then sometimes ask a question. Posts with a great caption are usually easier to engage with so leaving a meaningful comment on these was well worth a little extra time and effort.”

Followers Gained
More Profile Visits
Post Reach
Post Impressions

Waking up each morning to see all those notifications and new followers gave me the reassurance to know this strategy was working!

So what were the results?

Overall, the Dollar.Eighty strategy worked great for @itslevithefrenchie.

From a pure numbers perspective, his:

  • Following: from 365 – 687
  • Profile visits/week: 7 – 590
  • Reach: 185 weekly average
  • Impressions: 753 weekly average

Eloise found that the content she was posting during her two week challenge had more engagement and activity then ever before. She mentioned that even her story views boosted because of the success of the comments she was leaving.

“It was so much fun! It’s awesome to be exposed to so much dog content. Waking up each morning to see all those notifications and new followers gave me the reassurance to know this strategy was working!”

Eloise says she will continue to use the Dollar.Eighty software and strategy to grow @itslevithefrenchi Instagram account.