Instagram limits your comments, so we’ve added queuing!

It’s no secret that a couple years ago Instagram changed their algorithm limiting “most” accounts to 30 comments each hour. We say “most” because we’ve found that some accounts can comment on more than 30 posts each hour and this depends on how many followers you have. We’re trying to figure out what that number is.

So why did Instagram do this? We believe it was because of fake accounts and automated bots. It’s believed that at its height, there were 95M fake accounts posting comments, liking posts and engaging with real users. With numbers like this, it’s no wonder Instagram has gone to great lengths and extreme measures to limit such activity. Although their restrictions do stop the number of bots commenting, it also has a downside to real users.

Because of these commenting limitations, this can make completing the ‘Gary Vee $1.80 strategy’ each day tough. At a minimum, you would need to break up your 90 comments into 30-comments each hour over 3-hours. While some people may like commenting homework, for those wanting to do it all at once, you cannot unless you use the Dollar.Eighty software.


Save time each day by utilising the Dollar.Eighty.


If you subscribe to Dollar.Eighty:



You can queue your posts

Dollar.Eighty can queue your comments so that you can do all of your strategy in one go. The comments are then posted in the following hours and in accordance with the latest Instagram rules.

Save time with saved comments

Dollar.Eighty does not comment on your behalf. It is not a bot! However, it does save all the comments you’ve made in the past to make it easier and faster for you to make comments in the future.

View the best posts to comment on

You can save a ton of time by setting your hashtags and location with Dollar.Eighty. Let the software find the best posts for you.

On average, we’re seeing that most users save an hour each day by using these three key Dollar.Eighty features.

Do you have any other tips of comment approach notes? Please let us know so we can add them to our update.



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