@iamnehaoberoi Dollar Eighty Case Study

Who is @iamnehaoberoi

Neha Oberoi is a social media coach based out of Dubai. She aims and manages to successfully “help small businesses learn how to use Instagram strategically to grow and make sales”. Those who have hired Neha praise her skills in organically growing there Instagram accounts within short periods of time. With her guidance, many have flourished in starting and further promoting their businesses. She spends hours helping people with captions and all other things Instagram related. If you want to see for yourself you can download 100 free captions she has created.

Neha’s feed is a colourful compilation of images, exhibiting her travels and hot spots around Dubai, along with tips to better your Instagram, and motivational quotes by inspirational people.


How did @iamnehaoberoi find the Challenge?

Neha decided to accept the 7-day challenge in order to see if our software really helped follower growth. Neha is a very busy woman, not even taking lunch breaks, she found the only spare time she had to sit down, and comment was in the evening around dinner time. In this time, she would try and complete as many comments as possible, often reaching 60 comments a day.

Neha’s professional expertise in social media meant she had already refined her specific target audience based on what people found interesting on her Instagram, and knowledge from her job. This meant choosing and changing hashtags was not a challenge, with the same going for the ‘Location’ feature available to paying subscribers.

In terms of ‘Top’ posts and ‘Recent’ posts, Neha used ‘Top’ posts, testing out ‘Recent’. In doing this she found that commenting on posts in the ‘Recent’ tab provided her with better engagement. Refer to our previous blog post for more information on this.

In terms of change, Neha did see a change in engagement on her posts and notifications received.

Followers Gained
More Profile Visits
Post Reach
Post Impressions

So, what were the Results?

In terms of change, Neha did see a change in engagement on her posts and notifications received. Comments of interest and those with tips to help the account user saw the most engagement. This can be attributed to the thoughtful comments that directly focused on the content of each post.

In completing the challenge, Neha saw a growth of 40 followers, 400 profile visits, a post reach of 1,000 and post impressions of 1,500.

With our software it works best when used often, to keep up engagement with other users. Neha picked up on this stating she would need to continue to use Dollar.Eighty to further build on results she already received.

Neha overall liked the software calling it “user friendly”, with “nothing confusing”.